Research Assistant

Phone: (852) 3943-0303

Dai, Ling

Research Assistant, The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Zhejiang University Joint Research Center for Digital Economy

Areas of Expertise

• Digital Economics

• International Trade

• Macroeconomics


Ling DAI is a Research Assistant in the CUHK-Zhejiang University Joint Research Center for Digital Economy. His research interests include Digital Economics, International Trade and Macroeconomics. Recently, he is working on the evolution of digital skills demand in China’s firms. Mr. Dai is a student studying with Ph. D. of Economics in Zhejiang University and is expected to graduate in 2024.


Selected publications:

The Construction and Application of the Indicator System of Global Value Chain Division (with An Pan),Statistical Research, 2020(6): 3-14 (In Chinese)

The Evolution Characteristics and Enlightenment of China-EU Trade Relations from the Perspective of Global Value Chains (with An Pan),Comparative Economic & Social Systems, 2022(1): 178-189 (In Chinese)

Global transfer of embodied energy: From source to sink through global value chains (With An Pan, Ting Xiao, and Xunpeng Shi), Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2022(31): 39-51

Do carbon emissions accelerate low-carbon innovation? Evidence from 285 Chinese prefecture-level cities (With An Pan, Wenna Zhang and Qizhuo Xie), Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2021(28): 50510–50524.